• Ben Teague

Unforgettable Little 500!

It was an unforgettable Little 500 for Phi Psi- filled with a complete range of emotion- from euphoria to utter disappointment. We were one of, if not the strongest teams the whole race, finally building a 12 second lead on the field around lap 185.

Our team Captain was also the strongest and fiercest rider on the track all day - riding 76 laps! Albert took the track again at lap 195- but was utterly and completely tapped out and we exchanged at lap 199 with PKP still in the lead! Heartbreakingly- the pack caught us during the exchange and we ended up in 8th. Key take always to all alumni: 1) our boys did everything asked of them and 100x more! 2) we were the dominant team all race 3) PKP is back at the top in the Little 5 conversation! 4) Cutters & BKB knew they were competing at the end for 2 & 3 and Cutters know they were very lucky to win, and 5) we have our entire team back next year- so look out!!

Please join us

in congratulating and thanking our team for an incredible effort and bringing Phi Psi back to the top in Little 5!

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